Payments for member dues, registrations, and practically anything else

Offer one place for all payments
Go beyond ticketing and collect payments for member dues, class registrations, trip deposits, sponsorships, venue rentals, and basically anything else — all via your Ludus website.
Drag-and-drop custom fields
Collect all the information you need from payers by creating a custom form and attaching it to your Collection. Payers will be required to fill out your form to complete their payment. Supports text fields, dropdowns, radio buttons, and checkboxes.
Attach files to payments
After a payer makes their payment, have them download files directly from their confirmation page. Simply upload the file(s) to your Collection and payers will have access.
Quickly view all submissions
Access a real-time Submissions report to see all payments collected, payer's personal info (like name and email), and answers to your custom form questions. Accessible via your browser and also exportable to a spreadsheet.
One of the main reasons we went with Ludus was customer support. I checked into the company and their reputation before we went with their package and I could not be happier. The Ludus support team is quick to answer questions and solve problems.

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