A customized web presence for your organization

Match your brand and colors
Use our design tool to change the look and feel of your Ludus website including the background, buttons, and your logo. If you need to get more advanced, we can insert custom CSS to closely resemble your organization's website.
Stand out with splash pages
Get creative with our splash page maker allowing you to personalize your Ludus website further. Drop in elements such as photos, videos, social media buttons, and more for your patrons to see when they first land on your Ludus page.
Customize notices for patrons
Guide your customers through their purchase process and post important messages throughout your Ludus website. Notices can appear in various places such as on your front page, confirmation emails, carts, and printed on tickets.
Embed into your own website
(Optional) When embedded into your website using our Embed Widget, patrons will be able to buy tickets, make donations, view their orders, and more all without ever leaving your website.
Embed Widget add-on required
Ease of use and customizability is the best part of this software.

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