Harness the power of a supportive community

Collect donations at any time
Allow patrons to donate at checkout when buying tickets or any time via the "Donate" tab on your Ludus page. Setup donation categories so patrons can choose where their donation is going.
Fundraise to reach your goals
Give patrons the ability to donate toward certain causes, trips, renovations, etc. with an overall raise goal. Each Fundraiser comes with its own shareable page with graphics, embeddable videos, tools to encourage donations, comments, donor updates, and more.
Auto-manage donor levels
Also known as giving trees or donor tiers, automatically filter patrons into different tiers based on their donation amount, customize confirmation emails based on Level, and send admin email notifications.
Sit back with recurring donations
Allow your patrons to automatically donate on a monthly or yearly basis! Your patrons will be given the tools to manage their recurring donations including changing their payment info or cancelling (meaning zero work for you).
Send virtual donation receipts
All donations come with a donation receipt email which can be customized to include your 501(c)(3) / non-profit letter and/or a simple thank you.
We are a small rural school district. We can't afford super expensive ticketing systems. Ludus's user experience is unmatched and provides top-notch services for the least amount of monetary investment possible.

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