Harness the power of a supportive community

Collect donations at any time
Allow your patrons to donate at checkout when purchasing tickets or any time via the "Donate" tab on your Ludus page. If you have multiple groups/causes, setup donation categories so patrons can choose where their donation is going.
Earn more per ticket with ads
Spice up your tickets while earning additional income for your organization through ticket ads. Have businesses and organizations in your community sponsor your tickets — simply upload their ad graphic to your show.
Hold a virtual raffle
Take your raffle virtual using our built-in raffle features. Setup a raffle where patrons can purchase raffle tickets online and when it's time to draw, click the "Draw" button and Ludus will randomly select winners fairly.
Sell more than just tickets
Go beyond ticketing and sell additional items like merchandise, candy, flowers, signed posters, and more alongside your tickets to increase your show's sales.
We are a small rural school district. We can't afford super expensive ticketing systems. Ludus's user experience is unmatched and provides top-notch services for the least amount of monetary investment possible.

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