Stay in touch with your patrons

Craft beautiful emails
Using our fast, flexible, and personalized email designer, create messages that match your brand. Quickly drop in elements like graphics and buttons to create an email that looks great on all devices.
Marketing add-on required
Filter patrons into audiences
Group your patrons into audience lists based on hundreds of rules and parameters. With no limits, you can create as many different audiences as needed so you can send personalized and targeted emails to your patron base.
Marketing add-on required
Tag and keep notes on patrons
Place unlimited custom tags on your patrons like "VIP", "Donor", or "Student" so you can easily sort and keep track of your patrons. On top of this, add private notes to their profiles so you're always on top of patron requests and likes/dislikes.
Marketing add-on required
Analyze your marketing
See how your marketing campaigns are performing and get a detailed look into who is opening emails. Each message comes with a live feed of patrons who received the email and their activity.
Marketing add-on required
Make your marketing personal
Using merge tags, each patron can receive a message that isn't generic. While designing your email, quickly drop in merge tags like {{first_name}} and we'll take care of the rest.
Marketing add-on required
Send mass event messages
Beyond marketing campaigns, quickly reach patrons who have purchased tickets to specific events and times using our mass messaging tool that's attached to all events.
Included with all accounts
We had extensive demos from both Ludus and Vendini (now AudienceView), and were impressed with the flexibility and responsiveness of the Ludus system and their willingness to listen to and respond to our questions.

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