Patron Relationship Management (PRM) made easy

Get to know your patrons
When a patron places an order for tickets, makes a donation, buys a pass, or submits a Collections payment, we build and add to their patron profile. All data is always connected to a patron.
Tag and keep notes on patrons
Place unlimited custom tags on your patrons like "VIP", "Donor", or "Student" so you can easily sort and keep track of your patrons. On top of this, add private notes to their profiles so you're always on top of patron requests and likes/dislikes.
See what patrons are doing
Every time a patron does something in Ludus, it's tracked in the system. Whether that's placing an order, opening an email, or abandoning their cart, you'll be able to see it on their profile so you can offer the best support to your patrons.
Filter and group into audiences
Group your patrons into audience lists based on hundreds of rules and parameters. With no limits, you can create as many different audiences as needed so you can send personalized and targeted emails using our Marketing feature.
My experience with Ludus has been extremely positive! The staff is very knowledgeable and very willing to help their customers. I am truly happy with this company!

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