Who We Are
No need to break your budget
Free for programs choosing to pass fees on to patrons.
5% + $0.75 / ticket
Passed onto your patron when they pay using a card
No ticket fees
For cash, complimentary
and $0 tickets
Need to absorb the fees instead? We can do that too.
Don't feel like doing the math?
Upgrade to include Marketing

$99/year or add $0.05/ticket
Embed Widget
Upgrade to embed into your own website

$99/year or add $0.05/ticket
Be in control of your proceeds
Choose to receive your proceeds via a direct deposit to your bank account (daily, weekly, monthly) or via a paper check at the end of your show.
Unlimited everything
Don't worry about hitting limits. Add unlimited shows / showtimes, seating charts, administrative users, and more. Most importantly: no setup fees or hidden costs.
A $10 ticket is $10 to you
Since we only pass fees onto patrons for credit card sales, you never have to worry about paying us. The patron pays the fee and you're always left with the full face value of your tickets. (You can also choose to absorb the fees.)