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Generate meaningful real-time reports for anything
Generate the reports you need
There is no delay when it comes to getting data in Ludus. As soon as a sale is made, a donation is collected, or a Marketing email is sent out, your reports will update in real-time so you're always on top of everything.
Access flexible reporting tools
Reporting in Ludus can be as simple or as powerful as needed depending on your needs. Using our table-based reporting tools, you can quickly sort, group, and export info so you can quickly answer questions about your data.
Give access to your team
Oftentimes generating reports and keeping track of revenue/payouts is a team effort. Give "Viewer" access to other members of your organization so they can generate reports on their own time using their own account.
Keep all of your data
All sales, patron, and activity data is yours to keep. Easily export data to various formats at any time including Excel, CSV, and PDF. Data is always protected but never locked into Ludus.
No setup costs or hidden charges!